Sparkular Triple

Sparkular Triple

SPARKULAR TRIPLE is three-way SPARKULAR machine, with one vertical nozzle and two 25° angle nozzles. Each nozzle can be controlled individually, which the effects height adjustable from 2m to 5m. 


SPARKULAR TRIPLE is equipped with high speed motor to ensure the excellent reuption speed and powerful burst. Stable and uniform sparks effects are generated by using channel adaptive technology. 


Exclusive RDMX technology helps operator to monitor the working status of each machine. Together with high quality waterproof socket , SPARKULAR TRIPLE makes a stable and reliable professional equipment for stage performance

  • Feature & Advantages

    • Triple heads, multiple effects
    • Fast response, stronger burst;
    • RDMX Function, status can be monitored by original host controller
  • Specifications

    Model BT51 /BT52
    Dimension 400mm x 290mm x 270mm
    Net Weight 20kg

    BT51: AC200V, 50/60Hz

    BT52: AC110V, 50/60Hz

    Work Power 1500W
    Hopper Volume 160g x 3
    HC8200 Consumption 17g/min x 3
    Work Temperature -20°C to 40°C
    Fountain Direction Straight up and 25° for both sides
    Control Standard DMX, 6 channels
    Effects Height

    HC8200 Large: 2 to 5m adjustable

    HC8200 Medium: 2 to 4m adjustable

    Interface Double DMX input interfaces, Double AC power interfaces




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