Sparkular Fall

Sparkular Fall

SPARKULAR FALL is a hanging special effects equipment for indoor and outdoor use to generate dazzling silver "waterfall" effects.


For each usage scenario, operator can self define various types of "water curtain" effects varying from 2m to 7m. 


Sparkular Fall produces a fantastic falls effects ideal for mid to large sized shows, concerts, theatres, studios, clubs.


  • Feature & Advantages

    • Switchable special effects mode (low / high level)
    • Wireless remote / DMX double control
    • DMX control, strong controllability
    • Flexible for rehearsal
    • Fast response time
    • Easy set up
  • Specifications


    BT04 /BT05


    196mm x 208mm x 192mm

    Net Weight


    Work Power



    BT04: 100V-120V
    BT05: 200V-240V

    FALL length

    2m to 7m, (depends on the type of HC8200 used)


    Wireless remote, DMX

    Casing Material

    Anti-flaming ABS

    Adaptable Truss Size

    40mm to 60mm

    Packing Size

    260mm x 235mm x 295mm (single unit)
    545mm x 495mm x 320mm (4 units)
    690mm x 655mm x 550mm (Flightcase)





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