Winner of best debut product LDI in 2016.

Sparkular is the first cold spark fountain machine in special effects industry. It is uniquely designed for highly demanding professional market with adjustable sparks effects from 1.5m to 5m height, making it an ideal choice for medium to large shows, theatres, ballrooms, clubs, theme parks and more.


  • Feature & Advantages

    • Patented non-pyro technology
    • Safe, no gunpowder, no smoke & pyro smell
    • Up to 10-20min of effects time after fill up
    • Adjustable height from 1.5m to 5m
    • DMX control, can be started or stopped at anytime
    • Easy setup at multiple locations
    • Indoor / Outdoor usage
    • Flexible for rehearsal
  • Specifications

    Model BT01 / BT02
    Dimension 200mm X 218mm X 305mm
    Net Weight 8.5kg
    Work Power 400W
    Effects Height 1.5m to 5m
    Casing Material Anti-flaming ABS
    Input 220V (BT01) / 110V (BT02), 50/60Hz
    Packing Size

    274mm x 313 mm x 373mm (single unit)

    653mm x 573mm x 393mm (4 units)

    830mm x 670mm x 720mm (flightcase)



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