SPARKULAR is a revolutionary special effect system developed by SHOWVEN since 2014, adopting brand-new technology combined with standard DMX Control to realise multiple stage special effects. It is the first cold spark fountain machine in the special effect industry, with 7 PCT international patents & 29 national patents. The  Sparkular series machines passed RoHS, CE, FCC, SAA tests etc. HC8200 consumable passed DGM, RoHS tests etc. Sparkular is awarded as the "best debuting product" in 2016's Live Design International (LDI) show in Las Vegas

How does Sparkular System work?

The Sparkular system produces a fantastic, non-hazardous effect that looks like traditional stage fireworks, but the effect is simply created using a Sparkular machine and a granulated alloy, without the need to use gunpowder and getting rid of traditional pyrotechnic techniques.

Why do we prefer Sparkular system to firework displays?

  • The Sparkular Indoor Fireworks System Has The Look And Effects Of Pyrotechnics But, This Is NON-HAZARDOUS And Completely 100% SAFE!

  • Safer than traditional fireworks

  • Non pyrotechnic fountain display with total control

  • No explosive content

  • Unique ability to independently control duration and height

  • No Hazardous content to deal with

  • Completely Environmentally Friendly 

  • Industry's first No Smell effect 

  • 12 month warranty and phone support

  • The only official distributor for Singapore

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